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When a Muslim Cop Donated Blood and Saved Life of a Hindu Woman in Bengal


Zaidul Haque | Inclusive India

Kolkata, July 28— Even as the Coronavirus pandemic has infected around 1.5 million people in the country and consumed over 33,000 lives, a section of politically-motivated people has desperately but unsuccessfully tried to give the virus a communal colour. However at the same time, some people have emerged as the torchbearer of humanity by helping the needy persons across faiths. Shah Alam Mortuza, a Sub-Inspector with the West Bengal police force, is one of such noble souls.

Every drop of human blood has always been valuable but during the current COVID-19 situation, it has become far more valuable as everyone is living in fear for his own life, most of the people are indoors and markets are closed almost everywhere. Like anywhere in the country, to collect blood for a patient in the present situation of Corona pandemic has become very difficult in Bengal also. But some people from both Hindu and Muslim communities are coming up to help the needy persons without any hesitation.

One such incident happened in the state which is holding complete lockdown for two days a week in order to contain spread of the virus. A Muslim police sub-inspector donated blood to save a Hindu woman who was in critical situation and was not getting blood of her group. The cop has earned applauds both from his colleagues in the police force as well as common public.

As per media reports, Mithu Dev Sharma, resident of Maheshpur village under the Kaliaganj block in North Dinajpur district, had severe pain in her stomach and was rushed to the nearest Royganj government hospital. She was bleeding. Doctors started treatment but bleeding made her condition worse. Doctors realised that she needed blood urgently, otherwise she could be in more serious condition. On doctors’ advice, her relatives ran here and there in search of blood of ‘O’ positive group, but they failed. Blood could not be arranged for the dying patient and this news reached the local police personnel who were patrolling in the area. To control law and order situation under the lockdown, a special team of police led by Royganj Police chief Sumit Kumar was patrolling in the area. As he heard about the dying patient, he appealed to his colleagues and general public also for blood. Officer in-charge of Royganj police station Suraj Thapa conveyed the message to all colleagues. When Mithu Dev Sharma’s family was losing hope, came forward Police Sub-Inspector of Royganj Shah Alam Mortuza. Without any delay, Mortuza rushed to the hospital as his blood was ‘O’ positive. He met the family of Mithu Dev Sharma and told them he was ready to donate blood. The cop then reached the blood bank and donated his blood. According to Royganj Medical College, after getting the blood, the condition of the patient gradually improved. Doctors hope she is out of danger now and will be cured very quickly.

The timely humanitarian work by Mortuza has earned him praise from all sides including his colleagues and seniors. Additional Police Superintendent of Uttar Dinajpur district Anupam Singh Roy appreciated Shah Alam Mortuza. Anupam Singh said Mortuza is pride of the West Bengal police. How he crossed the religion bar and donated blood to save the woman is a great example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, he said and added that Bengal police is proud of him.

After knowing that blood of a Muslim policeman has saved her life, Mithu Dev Sharma thanked him and acknowledged his sacrifice. She said that if this Muslim brother had not come forward to donate blood for her, she might have been dead now. Not only Mithu Dev Sharma, her relatives also praised Shah Alam Mortuza for his noble work.

While all were lauding him, Shah Alam Mortuza said whatever he did was his duty as a human being and there is no bar in Islam to help people of other religions.


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