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AMU Alumni Living in the US to Help Poor Cancer Patients Being Treated at JNMC

JNMCH, Aligarh

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Aligarh, December 13— AligsCare, a cancer foundation established by USA based AMU alumni, has been providing vital support to cancer patients from the lower economic strata being treated at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) of Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh.

“Under the MoU with Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Alumni Relations Committee, it is facilitating the treatment of more than 80 cancer patients at the JNMC,” said AMU’s Public Relations Office.

According to Professor Sufiyan Beg, Chairman, Alumni Affairs Committee, the patients are not only receiving high quality care, but are also provided with free ration and other household supplies

The foundation also provides the cured patients and the ones in remission process with dignified means of livelihood, said Prof Sufyan adding that AligsCare mission is not just to support medical and nutritional needs of cancer patients, but also to create for them, a path of self-reliance.

“Whether it is winter care or pandemic care, AligsCare has stepped-up to help those in need by providing families of cancer affected people with household essentials. AligsCare has also donated money for the purchase and set-up of five non-invasive ventilators at JNMC,” said AligsCare official, Dr Samina Salim. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Houston, USA.

The AligsCare team comprises Dr Shahid Hussain (Charleston, South Carolina), Dr Aftab Ahmad (Alabama), Mr Tabish Zaidi (Houston, Texas), Mr Tufail Ahmad (Houston, Texas) and Dr Samina Salim (Houston, Texas) and JNMC faculty members, Prof Shahid Siddiqui (Principal) and Prof Ibne Ahmad (Dept of Radio-Diagnosis). The team also includes Prof M Salim Kidwai and Mr Salik Zainuddin.