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Exclusive Museum on AMU Founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to Come up in Delhi

Exclusive Museum on AMU Founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to Come up in Delhi

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Aligarh, December 9— A museum dedicated to the life and achievements of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-1898), founder of Aligarh Muslim University, will be built in the National Capital.

Pictures and historical records showcasing Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) founder, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s life, contribution to educational and social reforms, description of various stages of Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College to the establishment of AMU in 1920 and several other artefacts will be displayed at the museum.

“The announcement to open a new museum dedicated to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was made by eminent entrepreneur and President of the India Islamic Cultural Centre, Mr Sirajuddin Qureshi in the valedictory function of AMU Centenary International Webinar on ‘The Establishment of Aligarh Muslim University and its Achievements (1920-2020)’ organised by the Sir Syed Academy,” said AMU’s PRO in a media statement.

Sirajuddin Qureshi

The PRO further said that Qureshi added: “Sir Syed was not just an ordinary educationist, historian, author and jurist but an extra-ordinary reformer, secular nationalist and one of the most important architects of modern India. People in Delhi should be provided with unfettered access to life and works of Sir Syed exhibited in an advance museum.”

AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor has welcomed the announcement.

“We will provide Mr Qureshi with all the necessary help and cooperation for the museum project,” the VC said.

Delivering the presidential remarks in the online valedictory function, Prof Mansoor propounded, “Sir Syed’s memory is not only for AMU, but for the whole Nation.”

He pointed out that around 45-50 papers on AMU achievements in various streams have been presented in the two-day webinar. The proceedings of the programme will also be published in a book.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was born on October 17, 1817 in Delhi and started his career as a civil servant. But after the 1857 revolt, he dedicated himself to modern education of the Muslim community. In 1877, he founded the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College in Aligarh. In 1920, the college became Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed died on March 27, 1898 and was buried next to the main mosque at AMU.