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Delhi Cop Turns Teacher for Children of Jhuggi Cluster

Delhi policeman Than Singh holding class for children of a jhuggi cluster.

Mumtaz Alam | Inclusive India

New Delhi, October 22— Than Singh is a beat constable with Kotwali Police Station in North District of Delhi. During patrolling in his area some years ago, scenes of young children rag-picking moved his heart and he decided to give them education in order to better their present and future. Singh has since not turned back. He has been applauded by his seniors for his noble humanitarian work.

“I started it in 2016. I am a beat constable with Kotwali Police Station in North District. Being a beat constable, I have been given an area for patrolling. Near the Red Fort is a jhuggi cluster. There live poor laborers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and other places. They live together. When parents go on work, their children move around picking bottles and plastic items, they do rag-picking. I thought it is wrong to do rag-picking near historical place like Red Fort. I thought of something to do for them so that they give up rag-picking,” Than Singh told mediapersons.

In the courtyard of the police station, Singh teaches the children of the jhuggi cluster in the neighborhood. In the beginning, it was tough to convince and bring the children to class.

“It was very difficult in the beginning. Like anganwadi workers, I had to give them eatable items like biscuits, snacks and fruits to attract them to the class. In the beginning, there were only four children. Before lockdown, the number had reached 50. But during lockdown, these families had moved to their villages. Now they are returning,” he said.

These days he is holding classes for these children while following all rules of the government about the lockdown.

“Those who have resources like laptop and mobile are attending online classes but this group of people cannot afford online classes. They don’t have laptop, computer or mobile. I decided to give them education while following the lockdown guidelines of the government,” said Singh who restarted the classes 10-12 days back when residents started coming back from their villages.

Delhi Police constable Than Singh

“I restarted the class 10-12 days ago. As per guidelines, I have demarcated a place maintaining social distancing. I have also got the area sanitized. Children are also given sanitization and their hands are washed regularly,” said the policeman.

He is getting support from his senior officers including SHO, DCP and ACP. “They have motivated me and assured all help in this work,” he said.

“I know the feeling of these children. When I was child I would also move around when my parents would go out on work. That is why I want to teach these children to better their life. If some people from the society come up for such children, none of these children would go wrong way,” said the cop who also wants to include juvenile children of the jhuggi cluster in the next step.

“In next step, we want to bring in juvenile children. Some of these children think they cannot become better after doing a crime, but we want to bring them here and teach them to broaden their approach about future,” said Singh.