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Video Documentaries on Life and Success of India-born Renowned American Entrepreneur Frank F. Islam

Frank F. Islam (a video grab)

New Delhi, March 13— The inspiring life of India-born renowned American entrepreneur Frank F. Islam – his journey from Azamgarh to Aligarh to America, his education, business successes and impressive purposeful philanthropic activities – has been brilliantly captured in some beautiful video documentaries. They are available on YouTube.

Philanthropist and thought leader Frank, who was born in Azamgarh of Uttar Pradesh, was only 15 years old when he left the Aligarh Muslim University in 1969 to get admission at the University of Colorado in the United States. His family was too poor to buy him an aeroplane ticket. They had to sell a large piece of their properties and he went to the US. And years later, he wrote a history of great success.

Frank F. Islam: A Journey from Azamgarh to America

“My story can only happen in America, not anywhere else. I was not born with a silver spoon. I grew up in a middle-class family. I always had the desire and the drive and the discipline to willing to take a risk in becoming an entrepreneur. I found some people around me who shared my vision, ideas and values,” says Frank Islam in the documentary.

The 26-minute video documentary, prepared by N.S. Films Production, captures the long and difficult journey of Frank Islam from his home in an Azamgarh village to Varanasi to Aligarh Muslim University and then to the University of Colorado in the US to his business ventures there and then to his ongoing philanthropic activities both in his homeland and birthland.

In the video, several eminent Americans including Senator Chris Van Hollen, communications consultant I J Hudson, author Ed Crego and others expressed beautiful views about Frank and his journey of success.

There are lot of people who climb up the ladder of success and then they pull back the ladder. Frank Islam is somebody who climbed the ladder and ensured that more people could climb the ladder, says the Senator.

The video also captures some of his prominent philanthropic works. His Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman Foundation gave $2m to the construction of Frank & Debbie Islam Management Complex at Aligarh Muslim University, Frank’s alma mater.

Frank says: “I always believed that if you work hard and aim high, you will be successful.”

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