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Ramu Dosapati of Hyderabad Runs ‘Rice ATM’ for the Needy, Has Spent Around Rs 50 Lakh Since April

Ramu Dosapati at Rice ATM in Hyderabad (Photo - Business Insider)

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Hyderabad, December 23— In the wake of the Coronavirus-driven lockdown imposed across the country in the last week of March this year, several noble people came up to help the poor and needy migrant labourers. One of them is Ramu Dosapati, an HR executive in a corporate firm. He has been running a ‘Rice ATM’ for the needy people in Hyderabad and is believed to have spent around Rs 50 lakh on his humanitarian initiative.

As per a report in Business Insider India, Dosapati has been running a ‘Rice ATM’ – a 24X7 supply of rice and other rations for the needy in the Telangana capital since April this year. He has also helped people affected by the recent floods in the city.

About a month after the lockdown, he went out to buy chicken for birthday of his younger son. He saw a woman security guard buying chicken for Rs 2000. On inquiry, he found she was purchasing the chicken for a group of stranded migrant laborers. What moved Dosapati more was the fact that the lady security guard was earning only Rs 6,000 as monthly salary but was spending Rs 2,000 out of it for the needy migrants.

Next day, he also went to the camp of migrant labourers and provided ration to around 200 of them.

Initially, he took out Rs 1.5 lakh from his savings for this work but the amount lasted only for a few days. But as the news spread about his work, several people and groups came out to support his cause.

Dosapati lives in a 1 BHK flat with his wife and two sons. He wanted a bigger 3 BHK before the lockdown. He had even selected a 3 BHK and sold land in his ancestral village for Rs 38.5 lakh. But in view of the miseries of people, he gave up his plan and has instead spent the money to help the needy people.