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Bashiruddin and Indrajit Teach at Madrasa, Hold Sit-in with Other Teachers for ‘Unpaid’ Central Grant

Modern subject madrasa teachers from UP holding sit-in in Delhi on October 5, 2020

Mumtaz Alam | Inclusive India

New Delhi, October 6— Bashiruddin and Indrajit Kumar Madhesia teach modern subjects at different madrasas in Uttar Pradesh. On Monday, they held a daylong sit-in along with scores of teachers in Delhi. They claimed that they have not got the central government share of their salary for the past 50 months. They said they have been getting state government grant on time.

For couple of years, these teachers who teach modern subjects like Maths, Science, English etc. at madrasas have been holding sit-in at Jantar Mantar in the National Capital to press for release of their central due but have not yet got success.

Scores of such madrasa teachers from UP observed a daylong sit-in under the banner of their union Madrasa Aadhunikikaran Shikshak Ekta Samiti (Regd) in Delhi on Monday.

In a press hand-out in Hindi, the organizers claimed: “Madrasa modern subject teachers, working under the HRD Ministry-run madrasa modernization project (SPEMM/SPQEM since 1993), have not got their payment from the central government for the past 50 months. Consequently, these teachers are suffering through serious financial crisis.”

They further said that “under the project, around 25,000 teachers are working under different payment structure. Graduate teachers get Rs 6000 from central government and Rs 2000 from the state, B.Ed. teachers get Rs 12000 from the centre and Rs 3000 from the state. But it is regrettable that the central government has not paid its share for the past 50 months. This has resulted in the pathetic condition of teachers and more than 50 teachers have died of heart attack or for lack of treatment.”

There were around 50 teachers holding the sit-in. Some of them narrated their condition on camera.

“If an employee does not get salary for one or two months, his kitchen budget gets disturbed. We have not got payment for the past 50 months, you can just imagine the condition we and our family are living in. We are unable to pay school fees. Our children are getting removed from schools. We are struggling to pay rents of our homes. We are under huge pressure. We are in miserable condition,” said Bashiruddin who teaches at Madrasa Islamia and Niswan College in Bareilly district.

He further said: “There are around 25,500 teachers who teach modern subjects at madrasas in order to connect the children to the mainstream.”

He said he has been teaching under the madrasa modernization project for the past 14 years and he is entitled to around Rs 6 lakh of the central government grant.

“Since 2016-17, we have not got the central grant. We are now in deep debt. We are running our homes on borrowing,” said Bashiruddin.

Another teacher Indrajit Kumar Madhesia, who teaches modern subjects at Madrasa Jamiatul Tahirat Fatima Zahra in Kushi Nagar district, also narrated similar condition.

Indrajit said: “I am a modern subject teacher. We have not got central grant for the past 50 months. We are getting state grant on time but have not monthly payment of Rs 12,000 as central grant for postgraduate teachers for past 50 months.”

When asked about how he is running his home, Indrajit said he feels ashamed telling about it.

“To run our house, we are working as labourer. We feel shame to tell you. I am working as a labourer at the general store of a student’s father and anyhow managing to meet both ends,” said Indrajit.

He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider their issue and fix the problem in the system.

“Only government can answer why they are not paying us the due. Several enquiries have been held and our demand has been found genuine, yet government is not paying attention to our issue. It seems there is some lacuna in the system and process that we are not getting the salary. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji must fix it,” said Indrajit.