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When Hindu Friend’s Family Saved Muslim Youth from Lynch Mob

Mohammad Sajid was nearly lynched by a mob in New Delhi when his Hindu friend's family saved him.

New Delhi, July 11— Amidst sporadic recurrence of mob violence perpetrated by a few while peaceful majority of the society watching the incident silently, this incident of Delhi is nothing short of a silver lining in the dark cloud. A mob had nearly lynched a Muslim youth when mother and other female members of his Hindu friend came out, risked their own lives and saved his life.

The incident took place on May 28, just five days after the results of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, Mohammad Sajid, a resident of Jaitpur Extension Part 2 in South Delhi was returning home from workplace with his friend Gaurav. When the two youth reached near the Gurudwara of Jaitpur, they were stopped by a large group of youths who attacked both Sajid and Gaurav. While Gaurav somehow managed to escape, Sajid, who works as a salesman in the same area, was caught and assaulted by the miscreants. After knowing that he was a Muslim, they violently beaten him.

“My friend Gaurav and I were returning to our home. I was talking with my sister on the phone. When we reached Molad Band area, two youths called Gaurav from behind and ask him to come to them. We went near them. They shook hands with us and took our phone. Then they took us to a nearby lane. When we asked our phones to be returned they took out blades and put them on our throats asking us to hand over our belongings to them,” Sajid was quoted as saying by India Tomorrow.

“They kicked on my chest and when I screamed ‘Allah’, one of them said, “He is a Mullah, a Muslim, kill him. They took Gaurav away from me. Then one of the attackers came and shouted your friend has ran away,” Sajid further narrated.

However, when Sajid’s hopes of coming out of it alive were diminishing, the moment of miracle and humanity showed up.

Sajid’s friend Gaurav who had escaped the mob rushed to his home and informed his family about the incident. Without any delay, Gaurav’s mother and grandmother came running to the spot of violence and rescued Sajid.

“It was the mother and grandmother of my friend Gaurav who saved my life. If it weren’t for them, who came just in time to save me, I would have been killed by the attackers as they were planning to take me to ‘Peer Baba’ (nearby shrine) to finish me off,” said Sajid on a positive note.

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