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Those Who Are Creating Hatred Between Hindus and Muslims Are Betraying the Country: Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal

Inclusive India

New Delhi, April 14— Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday came down heavily on those who are creating hatred between Hindus and Muslims in the country. Those who are doing such act in this critical time of Coronavirus epidemic, he said, are not only acting against the Nature but also betraying the country. He also described the epidemic as the wrath of the Nature.   

“We are seeing how the world is witnessing the wrath of the Nature. People are sad across the globe due to Coronavirus. All people become helpless before the Nature. Could you have imagined 3-4 months ago that a time will come that the epidemic will spread in powerful nations like America, Spain, England, France, Italy and across the globe at this mass level that people would become so helpless before the Nature? We could not have even imagined,” said Kejriwal in a video message.

The Delhi CM said that Nature unleashes its wrath whenever man disobeys its rules.

“Whether we call it Nature, Allah or Ishwar – but Nature is the most powerful and man becomes helpless before it. We have seen in the history that whenever man disobeyed the rules of Nature, the Nature unleashed its wrath. It is also written in Gita: ‘We have got a human life to serve others and use every moment of our life in service of others.’ If anyone spreads violence and hatred, he works against the Nature, he works against Ishwar, he works against Allah.”

“I feel sad that even in this difficult time, some people are trying to create hatred between Hindus and Muslims. I see it on social media that when the whole world and our country are passing through such a critical time, some people are creating hatred between Hindus and Muslim brothers. They post such videos and other materials and create hatred among people. This is against the Nature. The Nature will never forgive such people,” he said.

He said that the country will progress only with unity among people.

“Our country will move forward when all the fingers will work together as a fist. Those who try to create hatred between Hindus and Muslims, they are not only acting against the Nature, they are also betraying the country. When people of all religions and castes will join hands and work together like a fist only then will our country progress, only then will Humanity move forward, only then will country move forward and only then will we be able to fight against Coronavirus,” said the CM.

After the evacuation of several hundred Coronavirus-infected people from a mosque in Delhi, who were stranded there for over a week due to the nationwide lockdown, massive hateful campaign against the Muslim minority was unleashed on TV news channels and social media earlier this month. Several incidents of hate crime were also reported from different parts of the country.