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Plasma of Muslim Can Save Hindu, Muslim Can Be Saved By Hindu’s Plasma; This Truth Must Unite Our Society: Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal

Inclusive India

New Delhi, April 26— Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday again appealed to people to demolish walls of hatred and get united to take the country ahead. In a video address to the people of Delhi, he asked them to learn a lesson from Coronavirus which is hitting both Hindus and Muslims. He said plasma therapy is giving good results.

“Trials of plasma so far are giving good, encouraging results. I am personally keeping an eye on every patient. A patient at LNJP was in very critical condition yesterday. Doctors said he was sinking. He was given plasma. Till this morning, good improvement was observed in his condition. This has increased our excitement about plasma therapy,” he said.

In a passionate and emotional voice, Kejriwal said that plasma of anyone can save anyone, be it Hindu or Muslim.

“I was thinking that a serious Hindu patient may be saved by plasma of a Muslim. Similarly, a Muslim critical patient may be saved by plasma of a Hindu… Plasma of Hindu saves Muslim and plasma of Muslim saves Hindu. Then why have we created all these walls between us? We can take a lesson from this Corona disease at least,” he said.

“When God created the earth, he created only Humans. Every human being has two eyes and has same body, blood is red and has same plasma. God did not create any wall among us. Corona is hitting anyone. It is hitting both Hindu and Muslim and when plasma saves, plasma of both Muslim and Hindu can save one,” said Kejriwal and asked people to get united and stop infighting.

“If all people of the country – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist –work together with love and affection, no one can defeat our country and the world will have to bow down to our country. If we get divided and continue infighting then there is no hope. I think we should take a lesson from this and whenever you have ill thoughts about a person of other religion then you should think that his plasma could save your life tomorrow,” said the Delhi CM.

He said that he is personally keeping an eye on each critical patient of Coronavirus.

“We are making all efforts that no patient of Corona should die. Every death saddens me. Our doctors and nurses make all out efforts to save each and every life. I keep knowing about the wellbeing of every patient.”

He said he is appealing to every cured person to donate plasma.

“I am appealing to those patients who are getting discharged after cure to donate plasma. I am speaking to every such patient and my team is also talking to them. We encourage them to donate. I am very happy that all these people are coming forward to save other’s life. There is passion in every cured person from every religion and caste to save other’s life when his own life has been saved,” he said.

A person donating his plasma (Photo @NiyatullahM)