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Muslim Couple Performs Last Rites of Hindu Cancer Patient

Muslim couple cremated Hindu cancer patient in Asansol, West Bengal.

Asansol, West Bengal, August 13— Keeping their promise, a Muslim couple here performed last rites of a Hindu cancer patient in accordance with Hindu customs. The couple had been nursing him since he was diagnosed with oral cancer some time back.

Syeed Khan and his wife Reshma will also perform the shradh of Surendra Bhagat Aggarwal in keeping with his wishes, says a report in The Times of India.

Asansol native Reshma had married Khan from Kolkata 30 years ago. Later they moved to Mumbai where Khan owned a small food stall. In the city, they got Aggarwal as their neighbour and remained connected for next three decades.

Some time back, Aggarwal was diagnosed with oral cancer and he had since been treated at an ayurveda hospital in Rajasthan. The Muslim couple would take care of him. Six months back, doctors told them he would not live long. They brought him to Asansol and had since been nursing him. He took his last breath on Thursday (August 8). Next day, the couple and their neighbours cremated him in accordance with his Hindu rituals.