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In Pursuit of Inclusive India, ‘Shaheen Bagh’ Erupts Across India – From Rajasthan To Bihar To Bengal

Women protest against CAA-NRC in Samastipur, Bihar

New Delhi— In protest against the exclusionary Citizenship (Amendment) Act and government’s moves for National Register of Citizens and National Population Register, hundreds of people, mainly women, had gathered on a Delhi-Noida highway adjoining the Shaheen Bagh locality in the national capital on December 15. They have since continued the sit-in despite all odds; consequently, the Shaheen Bagh has become a role model of protest for the country.

CAA, passed by the Parliament on December 11, seeks to give Indian citizenship to only Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Parsis from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

In the last two weeks, on the pattern of Shaheen Bagh, women have started sit-in at dozen-odd places across the country demanding withdrawal of CAA, NPR and NRC.

Besides Shaheen Bagh area, at least two such protests are being held in Delhi – one near Jama Masjid and another at Khureji area.

In Rajasthan’s Kota, women are holding dharna outside the residence of Lok Sabha Speaker OM Birla.

In Bihar, the famous marketplace in the heart of state capital Patna – Sabzi Bagh has turned into a Shaheen Bagh with hundreds of women holding sit-in.

Besides Patna, such protest on the pattern of Shaheen Bagh is being held in Samastipur and Gaya.

In Samastipur, organizers are presenting their protest in creative ways – through plays and songs by students. In a street play, a young girl was playing the role of ‘Bharat Mata’ who was weeping at the present sad state of affairs of the country. “I am mother of this country. Why are my children ripping me apart? All children are equal to me, whether they are Hindu or Muslim or anyone else,” said the girl.

In West Bengal’s Park Circus area also, Shaheen Bagh-type protest is being held for several days.

Women start sit-in against CAA outside residence of Lok Sabha Speaker in Rajasthan.

Protesters at Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi (Photo credit – PTI)
Women protest at Khureji, New Delhi
Protest against CAA-NRC at Sabzi Bagh, Patna
Women protesting against CAA/NRC in Samastipur, Bihar
Women protesting against CAA-NRC at Kolkata’s Park Circus. (Photo credit @Madhurima_ML via Twitter)