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Muslim Man Helps in Marriage of 4,000 Hindu Girls in 10 Years

Dr AK Khan of Katni, Madhya Pradesh has helped in marriage of 4,000 Hindu girls in 10 years. (Photo credit - Patrika)

Bhopal, July 18— In the time of aggressive politics in the name of religions, there are great individuals who are doing selfless service to humanity. One of them is Dr AK Khan. Though himself an elected politician – at Zila Panchayat level – politics seems to be last thing for him. For the last 10 years, Dr Khan has been helping poor families – both from Muslim and Hindu communities – in marriage of their daughters.

So far, Dr. Khan has helped in the marriage of 3,997 Hindu girls in the last 10 years – only this year, he has married 180 girls off, says a report in a reputed Hindi daily Patrika. He has also helped in marriage of several Muslim girls.

Resident of Peerbaba Deori Tola, Dr. Khan is member of Zila Panchayat from Bahoriband ward no. 10 in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. One would be wrong to think that he might be doing all this to strengthen his vote base. Because he has done this service to humanity not only in his village or district but far beyond it. He has helped in marriage of 385 girls in Panna district and 12 in Jabalpur district.

How He Helps

Every parent, rich or poor, dreams to marry off their daughters in splendid way but this is not possible for the poor. Here come in people like Dr Khan. As soon as he knows about a poor family preparing for marriage of their daughter, he reaches there with lots of household items including utensils, grains etc. He is present at the mandap – where marriage customs are performed – and wishes them. Every year, he spends around Rs seven lakh on marriages of poor girls.

His Inspiration

A teaching of Islam is the inspiration for Dr. Khan helping in marriage of poor girls. Islam clearly says that pilgrimage (Haj) of a person is not acceptable if poor girls in his neighborhood are not getting married for lack of resources, says Dr. Khan.